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Landmark Appoints Chief Information Officer

CRBJ Biz Wire //November 17, 2023//

Landmark Appoints Chief Information Officer

CRBJ Biz Wire //November 17, 2023//

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Charleston, SC — Landmark Construction Company, a renowned name in the civil construction industry, is delighted to announce the appointment of Joshua Hollinger as the company’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). Hollinger’s extensive experience and innovative approach to technology make him an invaluable addition to Landmark’s leadership team.

A Tech Innovator:

With a career marked by extensive experience in problem-solving through technology, Hollinger has a proven track record of building custom programs using cloud-based systems that have set new industry standards in reporting and accountability. His advanced skills in Excel, SQL coding, data warehousing, and relational models are poised to drive Landmark’s technological advancements.

Leadership and Business Acumen:

In addition to his technological prowess, Hollinger brings high-caliber leadership experience in business operations, new business development, account management, strategic planning, and quality control. His industry networking efforts further solidify Landmark’s position in the regional construction landscape.

Operational Excellence at Landmark Companies:

As Landmark Companies’ Director of Operational Excellence in Charleston, SC, since 2021, Mr. Hollinger has spearheaded efforts to enhance operational efficiency and growth. His strategic leadership oversees best practice adherence, cutting-edge technology implementation, and company-wide training for continuous improvement. Mr. Hollinger takes charge from process conception to implementation, including compliance handoff with live monitoring systems. His role includes conducting thorough risk vs. benefit analyses and ensuring process result validation.

Pioneering Business Intelligence with JH Strategic Solutions:

Before joining Landmark, Mr. Hollinger served as the owner of JH Strategic Solutions in Columbia, SC, specializing in business intelligence from 2017 to 2021. In this role, he strategically managed software and operational processes, with notable achievements in strategic data collection, data system formatting, and core process evaluation. Mr. Hollinger’s expertise extended internationally as he implemented SOX-compliant practices for two companies with a combined revenue exceeding $400 million. He also shared his knowledge as a distinguished speaker at multiple Construction Contractor Board conferences on business intelligence and technology.

Landmark Welcomes Joshua Hollinger as Chief Information Officer:

Hollinger’s hiring is a testament to Landmark’s commitment to innovation and operational excellence. As CIO, plays a pivotal role in advancing Landmark’s use of technology, data-driven decision-making, and operational efficiency.

About Landmark Construction:

Landmark Construction Company is a prominent and forward-thinking company in the civil construction industry, known for its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. With a rich family history dating back to 1965, Landmark has consistently demonstrated its dedication to high standards built on its family heritage.

Founded by Fredrick Mixson and Ann Mixson, Landmark Construction Company, Inc. has evolved into one of South Carolina’s leading civil site work construction companies. Today, under the leadership of Ann Mixson as Chairman and Rick Mixson as President, along with Cynthia Mixson as Vice President, the company continues its tradition of excellence.

Landmark specializes in industrial, concrete, site work, and utility contracting, delivering projects with a commitment to quality, meticulous attention to detail, and a dedication to client budget considerations.

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