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Global Water Center’s Co-Founder Dr. George Greene Transitions To Executive Chair Of The Board

CRBJ Biz Wire //March 8, 2024//

Global Water Center’s Co-Founder Dr. George Greene Transitions To Executive Chair Of The Board

CRBJ Biz Wire //March 8, 2024//

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CHARLESTON, S.C. — Global Water Center’s co-founder Dr. George Greene has transitioned from his role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to Executive Chair of the Board of Directors. On Friday, Feb. 9, Global Water Center’s Board of Directors unanimously appointed Thomas (TJ) Johnston, the former Chief Operations Officer (COO), as the organization’s new CEO.

“As Dr. Greene transitions to the leadership role of Executive Chair of our Board of Directors, I am honored to step into the role of CEO of Global Water Center,” Johnston said. “Global Water Center has an amazing leadership team, and together with them, we will press on in our mission to end global water poverty.”

Since becoming the COO of Global Water Center, Johnston has grown the non-profit’s team from 4 to 15 employees, bringing on many highly respected leaders from within the water sector. Johnston’s leadership experience has been varied and rich: from his work as an environmental lawyer to starting a non-profit in Haiti to serving as an Anglican Bishop.

Dr. Greene has worked on solving the global water crisis for over 25 years as co-founder and former CEO of both Water Mission and Global Water Center. During this transition time, Dr. Greene shared his full support of Johnston. “TJ Johnston’s strong leadership and team-building skills will ensure Global Water Center continues to move forward in its mission to end the global water crisis,” Dr. Greene said.

Regarding his new role, Johnston shared, “Global Water Center has a lot of bold dreams and exciting initiatives planned for 2024. We are building new trainings, forging new relationships, and harnessing new technology to bring safe water to more rural communities in Ghana, India, Zanzibar, Honduras, and beyond.”

“In 2024, I see something even bigger than training and technology. I see a movement of leaders transforming the rural water sector,” Johnston continued. “I see a movement of people who are committed to ending the water crisis together. I see a movement that will not stop until it brings safely managed water to everyone, everywhere.”

About Global Water Center

Global Water Center believes everyone deserves access to safely managed water. We provide education, innovation, and collaboration to keep rural water sources safe and flowing for good. As the go-to resource for the rural water sector, our safe water education courses have reached people in 81 countries. In addition to education, we also use innovative technology to make water projects more effective and reliable. All of our efforts are rooted in collaboration with non-profits, governments, and other entities. Together, we are solving the global water crisis.