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COPING WITH COVID: The Cleaning Co. of Charleston

Staff //March 23, 2020//

COPING WITH COVID: The Cleaning Co. of Charleston

Staff //March 23, 2020//

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Coping with COVID

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Jacinda Ryan, owner of The Cleaning Co. of Charleston, said many people don’t want others in their homes during the COVID-19 outbreak. She said that has negatively impacted her residential cleaning company.

Ryan’s company serves the Hanahan, Goose Creek and Mount Pleasant areas and provides a variety of home cleaning offerings, including laundry services.

“I do have some friends that have commercial cleaning companies, and their business is boosting because people like business owners want their businesses to be sanitized at night and in the morning and at different times,” Ryan said. “But, you know, residential, it’s just not been the same at all.”

As seen across the nation, the cleaning supply aisles in many stores are near empty because of the high demand for products during the outbreak. Ryan said the shipping process for her company to receive cleaning supplies is taking longer, but she has not seen a shortage in professional supplies.

The Cleaning Co. of Charleston has also implemented safety precautions for employees during the outbreak. Ryan said she asks employees to remove their shoes at the door before working, and remove work clothes before leaving the office at the end of the day and heading home.

“We are not knowledgeable enough on the virus for us to, you know, have like a set process for things,” Ryan said. “So, we’re just doing as much as we can from the information that we have.”

Ryan said she wants customers and clients to know that they are taking precautions and that she and her employees care about the clients’ homes just as much as they care about their own homes.   

“We’re all kind of working together to work through this whole pandemic,” Ryan said.