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Charleston Parks Conservancy Highlights 2023 Achievements and Unveils 2024 Projects

CRBJ Biz Wire //February 23, 2024//

Charleston Parks Conservancy Highlights 2023 Achievements and Unveils 2024 Projects

CRBJ Biz Wire //February 23, 2024//

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Charleston Parks Conservancy Highlights 2023 Achievements and Unveils 2024 Projects

The Charleston Parks Conservancy reflects on a transformative 2023, emphasizing impactful achievements beyond statistics. Stewarding 24 parks, the Conservancy’s commitment to environmental stewardship, community engagement, and education resonates across the Charleston area.

Key 2023 Achievements:
– Elevating Horticulture: The Conservancy planted 25,000 new plants in public spaces while increasing biodiversity in our urban spaces, a critical step to supporting wildlife, including birds and pollinators.
– Food Security Initiatives: Cultivated and donated 4,000 pounds of produce to local organizations addressing food insecurity.
– Community Outreach: 713 flower bouquets grown and donated to organizations supporting women and addressing social needs.
– Volunteer Engagement: Over 7,000 hours were donated by nearly 1,000 volunteers, contributing to watering, gardening, and harvesting efforts.
– Educational Programs: Hosted 40 free community events and educational programs, enriching community connections.
– Honeybee Hives: 1,024 ounces of honey harvested from 6 honeybee hives, showcasing sustainability efforts.
– Daffodil Project: Partnering with the Charleston Jewish Federation for the Daffodil Project, Charleston Parks Conservancy planted 1,500 bulbs in Marion Square to remember Holocaust victims.

“In 2023, our impactful initiatives extended beyond cultivating green spaces, weaving a dynamic tapestry that enhanced the lives of our residents and visitors. As we embark on the innovative projects lined up for 2024, we envision a city where nature thrives,” said Darlene Heater, Executive Director and CEO of Charleston Parks Conservancy. “Together, we are redefining the landscape, nurturing not just plants but a community where every individual finds a place to bloom.”

The realization of the Charleston Parks Conservancy’s ambitious 2024 program is made possible through the invaluable support of generous sponsors and supporters. Their commitment to education, environmental sustainability, and community well-being fuels the Conservancy’s innovative thinking and underscores the transformative impact it aims to achieve.

New 2024 projects include:
– Vego Garden Beds Grant: The Conservancy secured a $10,000 grant for raised Vego Garden beds from the HDR Foundation. The project aligns with HDR’s commitment to education, healthy communities and environmental stewardship.
– Charleston Trees: Dominion Energy and Bartlett Tree Experts committed to sponsoring 2024 Charleston Trees, supporting the city’s green initiatives by offering free trees to residents.
– “Design From Your Parks” Series: The Conservancy’s Horticulture Director will lead the series, unveiling the secrets of creating and maintaining stunning Lowcountry gardens across seasons.
– Wragg Square Improvements: Thanks to a generous donation from the McGee family and matching funds from the City of Charleston, Wragg Square will see a significant renovation and beautification in 2024.
– Ardmore Food Forest: A first-of-its-kind Food Forest supported by a grant from the South Carolina Forestry Commission, offers access to food trees, shrubs, and ground cover.
– Cut Flower Program Expansion: Expanding the program to a second location triples capacity, allowing the Conservancy to donate fresh flowers to more women in need through partnering with nonprofit organizations.
– Art Installation: The first art installation along the West Ashley Bikeway blends nature and art, creating a unique and inspiring experience for bikers and pedestrians alike.
– Colonial Lake Revitalization: While details on the revitalization are still unfolding, the Conservancy anticipates a harmonious blend of nature and design to the transformation.

For more information and an overview of all 2024 programs, visit or call 843.724.5003.

About the Charleston Parks Conservancy
The Charleston Parks Conservancy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring the people of Charleston to connect with their parks and create stunning public places and a strong community. For more than 15 years, the Conservancy has had a hand in renovating and beautifying 24 parks in partnership with the City of Charleston. Notable projects include the renovation of Colonial Lake, the Rose Pavilion at Hampton Park, Moultrie Playground, St. Julian Devine Community Center and Park, Magnolia Park and Community Garden, Medway Park and Community Garden, and Corrine Jones Community Garden. For more information, visit