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Renovations in store for 110-year-old building on Navy Base

Staff //June 21, 2021//

Renovations in store for 110-year-old building on Navy Base

Staff //June 21, 2021//

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The Power House on the former Navy base is undergoing renovations as a way to continue refurbishing the area. (Photo/File)North Charleston is taking history and making it part of tomorrow, Mayor Keith Summey said in a video news release.

Amid major renovations on the former Navy Base in North Charleston, the 110-year-old Power House is being redeveloped and will soon be open to the public as a community asset.

Summey is unsure what the finished product will become, but he said the new space will be “something that entices people to come to this area.”

When the mayor first toured the power building years ago, he noted it was beautiful on the outside, but the inside was a frightening sight of empty structure and heavy steel.

“And now they’re taking all that out. It’s going to become a beautiful building that serves the community,” Summey said.

Along with current Riverfront Park updates and a recent redevelopment of The Admiral’s House on the former Navy Base into an event space, the city of North Charleston will next move to redevelop housing in the neighborhood.

“We got some warehouses that are going on,” Summey said. “They’re going to be working in the old naval hospital on the base. They’re going to be working at the Marine Corps barracks on the base, restoring all that. It’s just going to turn into something that North Charleston can be extremely proud of.”