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Charleston's rental market among the most affordable, analysis finds

Real Estate - Residential
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Source: WalletHub

If you've spent any time driving around the Charleston region, you know that residential rentals are a booming business. It's created countless debates in municipal goverments over how to deal with growth, and it's also created a lot of opportunity for all those businesses that are involved in raising the roof over an apartment building or new house.

WalletHub recently analyzed the rental market across the nation, digging through data from 182 of the most populated places in America, to come up with the most and least affordable places.

Guess what. The city of Charleston is considered to be among the more affordable, at No. 32 when affordability and quality of life are taken into consideration. The WalletHub economic data hounds also found that Columbia was among the least affordable, coming in at 144, with a quality of life ranking of 140 and an affordability ranking of 77.

By the numbers

No. 1

Scottsdale Ariz., the most affordable rental market in the U.S., according to WalletHub. That city ranks 63rd in affordability and No. 1 in quality of life.

No. 32

Charleston comes in at 32 with an affordability ranking of 107 and a quality of life ranking of 24.

No. 144

Columbia's ranking includes a quality of life ranking of 140 and affordabilty ranking of 77.

No. 178

Memphis, Tenn. It isn't the least affordable place to live, but WalletHub's data shows that it's the worst in terms of quality of life, coming in at No. 182.

No. 182

Ah, the least affordable place to live, Bridgeport, Conn., has a quality of life ranking of 145 out of 182.

Source: WalletHub

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