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Software company Blackbaud purchases Kilter

Staff Report //August 24, 2022//

Software company Blackbaud purchases Kilter

Staff Report //August 24, 2022//

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Blackbaud, a cloud software company based in Charleston, has acquired activity-based engagement platform Kilter.  

The acquisition will allow Blackbaud to expand activity-based peer-to-peer fundraising engagement and grow the ways individuals can connect with the causes they care about through activities they love, according to a news release. 

Blackbaud will leverage Kilter to support activity-based fundraising for Blackbaud TeamRaiser, an event-based fundraising software, the news release said. Kilter will also support Blackbaud’s YourCause CSRconnect platform, leveraged by companies to meet their social responsibility goals. 

Kilter is a gamified, activity-based engagement app. Kilter expands activity-based engagement beyond the familiar options of running, walking and cycling, enabling users to track new, popular and personally relevant activities, from pickleball to meditation to motorcycling, the news release said.  

“Kilter enables nonprofits to turn their supporters’ everyday health and wellness activities into opportunities to raise money for their cause,” Seth Braddock, founder and CEO of Kilter, stated in the release. “We couldn’t have found a more perfect home for Kilter than Blackbaud, a global leader in software solutions for social good and a team that shares our passion for empowering people to engage in ways that matter to them.”

Kilter’s activity tracking app will be offered as a feature to Blackbaud TeamRaiser customers with no additional subscription fees, the release said. It will be available in the coming months. 

“Our acquisition of Kilter will allow us to serve nonprofits by expanding the ways they can engage with their supporters to prepare for their existing fundraising walks, runs and rides, and to create totally new types of engagement opportunities that aren't tied to a specific date or place,” Blackbaud President and CEO Mike Gianoni said in the news release. “It will also provide a unique solution for companies as employers take a more active role in supporting their employees' health and wellness pursuits across remote and distributed workforces.” 

By Ashlie Puma