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REsides Catapults The Value Of MLS Data Creating Financially-Rewarding Benefits For Its Owner-Partners

CRBJ Biz Wire //October 5, 2023//

REsides Catapults The Value Of MLS Data Creating Financially-Rewarding Benefits For Its Owner-Partners

CRBJ Biz Wire //October 5, 2023//

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New and First-of-Its Kind Data Metering Platform Represents a Paradigm Shift in
How Data Services are Charged and Consumed

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC – REsides, the first and only MLS to launch an equity-ownership business model that can financially benefits all stakeholders, announced today the launch of DataMetRE, the first-of-its-kind data metering platform for real estate. The cutting-edge model is set to transform the industry by introducing a fair and efficient data-utilization platform, charging vendors exclusively for the data they use while potentially generating revenue back to the broker-owners and shareholders.

Traditionally, Multiple Listing Services have faced challenges in accurately measuring data consumption and levying uniform charges, often resulting in inefficiencies and unjustified costs for vendors. The launch of DataMetRE underscores REsides’ unwavering commitment to push the boundaries of innovation, providing top-notch solutions that elevate the entire real estate ecosystem in the US.

As a trailblazer in the MLS domain, REsides envisions a future where data management is equitable, efficient, and rewards contribution, innovation, and sustainable growth. “We are thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking data metering platform to the Real Estate industry,” said Colette Stevenson, CEO at REsides. “It represents a paradigm shift in how data services are charged and consumed, creating a win-win scenario for all stakeholders. Vendors will pay for what they use – unlocking cost savings and rewarding companies adhering to our standards, while our Broker clients and shareholders experience a boost in innovation and growth,” Stevenson added.
The key benefits of DataMetRE include:

Usage-Based Billing: With DataMetRE, vendors are billed based on the data, efficiency, and rates at which they consume data. This highly specialized billing approach replaces outdated flat-rate fee structures that increase expenses for Brokers – this method ensures vendors pay solely for the value they derive.

Cost Savings and Revenue Generation: This innovative model enables prop-tech companies of all sizes to achieve cost savings in resource allocation and infrastructure management. Fees can change for companies who use best practices, standards, and established rules. Revenue generated can be reinvested to drive further advancements in technology to benefit REsides’ customers, the homebuyers and sellers, and shareholders.

Transparent Data Analytics: The next generation of the platform empowers vendors with insightful analytics and a comprehensive overview of their usage patterns and trends. Armed with this knowledge, vendors can make informed decisions to optimize their data consumption and efficiency.

‘We will continue to invest in the next technology to achieve the best outcomes for the consumer and brokers, while also intentionally refining every aspect of our business to set the standard our clients should expect from their MLS,” Stevenson said. “In addition, REsides can also provide this service to any MLS so they may control their data while improving their bottom line.”

About REsides
REsides is the first and only MLS to launch a revolutionary new equity-ownership model for its participating subscribers. Headquartered on Hilton Head Island, SC, REsides is ranked in the top 25% of all residential real estate MLSs in the United States. The Company services thousands of subscribers and vendors across the Southeast and supports over $4 billion in real estate transactions annually. For more information, visit