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Shoff-Clark engagement

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Business journals don’t usually publish wedding or engagement announcements. Actually, we don’t usually get any ... so it’s not something we usually have to consider.


So, when we got Robert Shoff’s email asking us to publish his engagement to Hillary Clark — after we recovered from the surprise of it — a collective “Awwwwwwwww!” rippled through our newsroom. It was such a sweet and sincere ask, with lots of exclamation points:

“I got engaged this weekend at the James Island County Park! I was lucky enough to catch it on video too! I’d like to announce it in the Charleston Regional Business Journal. My fiancee and I run a family financial practice with New York Life in SC and MA. I’ve attached a news announcement and a video of the engagement. Please let me know if you need any more information or anything else from me. I greatly appreciate it!”

Bob, you certainly know how to melt an editor’s stone-cold heart. Well done, sir!

We’re at the end of a tough year, so this serves as a nice reminder that people are still going about their lives, getting married and expecting a bright future going into the new year. So, here you go, Bob.

“Robert Shoff and Hillary Clark are pleased to announce their engagement. On Saturday, Nov. 3, Bob Shoff got on one knee at the James Island County Park in South Carolina. He proposed on a dock to his favorite girl in his favorite place. The couple met in Cape Cod, Mass., and have a house in Plymouth, Mass., and a son on the way. Bob and Hillary work as financial advisers at New York Life. They split their time working in Massachusetts and South Carolina. Hillary and Bob are planning to have their wedding in the Charleston area in the fall of 2017 or the spring of 2018.”

Congratulations, Bob and Hillary! We thank you for sharing your happiness with us. We wish you all the best!

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