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Southern hospitality stops in the rude lane

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You’ve all heard the stories about South Carolina drivers. It was so bad several years ago that the government had to institute a high-risk pool for bad drivers to protect the good drivers from enormous and unfair insurance rates.

This time of year, our roadways, one-way streets and parking garages are choked with out-of-state and rental car tags because ... well, that’s how a lot of small businesses make money when the mercury rises.

Kars 4 Kids recently conducted a #DriveHuman survey of all 50 states, and while there’s a margin of error of about 12 percentage points plus or minus on the raw data, we think it tells us something about ourselves. And it’s not pretty.

S.C. ranks second only to New York in rudeness. Yes, that goes against our Southern sensibilities, but the whole Southeast fares only slightly better than the Northeast. So slight it really doesn’t matter. Let’s look at the rest of the data on our rudeness report card compared to our neighbors directly to the north. Maybe we can learn something.

Source: Kars 4 Kids, Drive Human Survey 2017


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July 19, 2017

I personally think our grade has probably gotten worse due to northerners moving south. Know in my neighborhood we've had a great influx from the north and you have absolutely seen a decrease in driving manners.

July 19, 2017

Perhaps if we had some infrastructure being built instead of continuing to add housing and more cars on the roads, we would be less stressed and more polite. I live 15 miles from downtown and the ride is 45-60 minutes each way, every day.