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SmartLinx establishes Charleston lab to transform long-term care

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SmartLinx is establishing a research and development laboratory in Charleston to drive transformation in long-term care, the company said in a news release.

The SmartLinx Accelerating Innovation Lab will help the company develop new workforce management solutions and best practices for the industry. It will also foster collaboration between researchers, developers, customers and partners.

Headquartered in New Jersey, the company helps health care providers manage people and processes through cloud workforce management solutions and compliance through automation — particularly for post-acute care and senior living organizations. Solutions include talent acquisition and onboarding, human resources, benefits, payroll, time and attendance, scheduling, compliance and business analytics.

The research and development hub is the most recent investment in customer solutions since Marlin Equity Partners completed a growth equity investment in the company in March 2020.

SmartLinx new CTO Anil Chillarige launched SAIL as his first signature initiative. 

“We believe technology can address every challenge in post-acute care and are committed to developing the best options,” Chillarige said. “We are seeding concepts that leverage digital transformation to raise the bar on employee experience, quality of care and operational efficiency.” 

Recently, SAIL introduced SmartLinx Advanced Timeclock for Employees, a touchless technology for time tracking and employee scheduling. The system also blocks access to anyone with a fever and enforces attendance policies.

SAIL is also working on a new staffing marketplace that can source qualified talent on demand. The technology will demonstrate artificial emotional intelligence and will facilitate human-machine interactions to support senior care residents.

“Home to one of the nation’s top universities as well as a burgeoning and vibrant tech economy, Charleston is the ideal location for SAIL,” said Marina Aslanyan, SmartLinx CEO. “As SmartLinx continues to grow, the city offers an amazing pool of local talent and potential technology partners.”

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