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Omatic Software creates 100 jobs in Charleston County

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Data integration is expanding in Charleston County, with Omatic Software’s plans to invest $450,000 and to create about 100 new jobs over the next five years.

Omatic Software has served the nonprofit sector since 2002, providing charitable organizations with a comprehensive view of data through its integration services. The expansion of its corporate headquarters at the Portside Ferry Wharf in Mount Pleasant was completed in late 2020 and now serves as the main hub for software research, development, sales and operations.

“The Charleston community and its infrastructure have made it possible for Omatic and the tech industry to flourish through its business-friendly policies and collaboration,” said Dan Kim, CEO of Omatic Software, in a S.C. Department of Commerce release. “I have grown to appreciate the unique combination of industry and culture that Charleston has to offer — that unique combination I expect will continue to serve Omatic and the tech industry well, drawing more talent to the region.”

The expansion comes at a time when the demand for information technology is on the rise.

According to a report (.pdf) from the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, information technology is among the top industries in highest demand, included as one of 12 categories that will collectively make up 91% of the projected growth of the Charleston Metro Area from 2019 to 2024. Within that time frame, an estimated 1,600 new information technology jobs will be created.

“The tech sector is very much on the march, and we see the manifestation of that with Omatic’s announcement, so it’s obvious that IT is peaking,” said Steve Dykes, Charleston County economic development director. “Their 100 new well-paying jobs, with those wages being re-spent in the community, will create multiple rounds of impact that we’ll be seeing right here in Charleston.”

These new jobs in the industry across the board will impact all aspects of business, well past the realm of information technology itself, Dykes said, acknowledging the level of IT needed to support the growing presence of large manufacturers, like Boeing, Volvo Cars USA and Mercedes-Benz Vans.

“It isn’t so much that we’re adding IT just for the sake of adding IT,” Dykes said. “It’s the fact that it under-girds all these other industries.”

Omatic Software is one of more than 500 tech companies that have risen up in the region, Dykes said. He said he only expects more growth as the demand for information technology increases in Charleston’s expanding economy.

“At this point, attracting talent here is much easier than it ever was,” Dykes said. “We don’t get in the way of serial entrepreneurs who have a new idea or who want to start a new company. I’d like to think that means we’ve got the right recipe here, the right balance.”

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