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Improve your lighting environment with NetZero-USA LEDs

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Gary Keisler with the new 500 watt LED Tennis Court light.

LEDs produce more uniform light, lower utility costs, tax savings

NetZero-USA LED is a nationwide end-to-end provider of commercial LED products. 

“We design, manufacture, install, fund, warranty and service all our products,” said Gary Keisler, president of NetZero-USA of Mount Pleasant. “We have installed LED lighting in hospitals, offices, schools, churches, municipal buildings, warehouses, industrial plants, tennis courts and parking lots.” 

Contact Info:
3013 Monhegan Way
Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

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“We have a new line of UV-C germicidal lighting that kills COVID-19 and other viruses that is manufactured in South Carolina and Georgia,” Keisler said.

NetZero-USA will file all the paperwork to power utilities on behalf of their customers for energy-saving rebates. The energy-saving costs by switching to LED lighting can be significant. 

“It is common to see a 50 percent to 70 percent reduction in the kilowatts used for your lighting,” Keisler said.

Our LEDs qualify for the 179 expensing election on state and federal taxes.

Proper lighting in any commercial application is transformational for a business and its employees.

“When our lighting is installed, you will get an immediate benefit from it,” Keisler said. “Our LEDs will add value to your building. They will decrease energy costs used for lighting and will decrease maintenance costs by eliminating the need to change bulbs and ballasts. They will eliminate ballast hum, bulb flicker and color mismatch.”

NetZero-USA has customers ranging from offices with 15 light fixtures to a school with 2,000 fixtures.

No matter the size of the business, “A properly lit environment will be safer and help increase productivity,” Keisler said. 

All NetZero-USA products have a seven-year, non-prorated warranty and are tested and approved to the highest lighting standards set by UL (Universal Labs) and DLC (DesignLights Consortium.) 

“When we replace lighting, we include grinding up old bulbs and recycling all the ballasts in accordance with approved recycling methods,” Keisler said. “Everything we install meets or exceeds the U.S. government standard. Our LEDs are manufactured to last; the industry average for LED failure is 10 percent.  NetZero-USA’s LED failure rate is less than 1%.”

“NetZero-USA of Mount Pleasant will provide you a proposal that will give you an estimate of your energy savings and the return on investment to upgrade your lights to LEDs at no cost,” Keisler said. “We are a member of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce and appreciate the opportunity to give you a proposal to upgrade your lighting to LEDs.”

He adds, “Our mission is to be a trusted partner, delivering the right amount of light with the most amount of life at a competitive price.”

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