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HRP Associates can solve your state and federal regulation headaches

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HRP’s Kate Hendrickson and Shaun Malin are ready to serve the Lowcountry’s environmental, health and safety compliance needs.

National company with local focus adept at navigating complex requirements involving health, environmental and safety regulations

Industrial and manufacturing operations are constantly navigating the ever-changing, Byzantine landscape of environmental, health and safety regulations at both the state and federal levels. This involves understanding and complying with laws enforced by an alphabet soup of agencies, including the EPA, OSHA and DHEC. 

The consulting engineers at HRP Associates have opened a Charleston office to help Lowcountry businesses minimize the environmental risks and reach their business goals.

Contact Info:
1630 Meeting St., Unit 205
Charleston, SC 29405

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A national firm that melds the science of environmental, health and safety permitting with the art of relationships, HRP focuses on understanding its clients’ unique needs and working with regulating agencies to ascertain where there might be flexibility in the law.

Many industrial and manufacturing companies have some environmental, health and safety expertise in-house but require the additional expertise of a multidisciplinary consulting firm with 10 offices throughout the U.S. The scientists and engineers at HRP work as part of the team to minimize pain points in business operations.

Proactive businesses hire HRP before they run afoul of the law to audit their facilities for environmental, health and safety practices. With its comprehensive understanding of regulations, HRP can assist with implementation of plans and programs to bring facilities into compliance prior to inspections, minimizing findings and financial penalties, or significant capital expenditures to come into compliance after the fact. 

HRP can also serve in a reactive role, as it did for an international tier 1 automotive supplier that had established its first U.S. location in South Carolina. It brought millions of dollars of equipment into the Port of Charleston and was told by the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control that it lacked the permits to begin operating. HRP raced into action, pulling company resources from across the nation and working its relationships at the agency to minimize paperwork and expedite approval. Their action prevented equipment and staff from sitting idle and saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That illustrates the unique value of HRP Associates: it combines the broad scientific expertise of a nationwide company with the relationships it has built on both sides of the regulatory landscape. This combination has begun to increase in importance as a new national administration and Congress begin promulgating rules governing the use and disposal of chemicals and boosting the enforcement of already existing laws.

HRP is large enough to offer expertise across the spectrum of environmental, health and safety issues, with more than 120 scientific and technical employees, but small enough to be nimble, act quickly and offer a client-first approach. 

Says Shaun Malin, a principal of the firm and regional manager, “we work with our clients to produce creative solutions.”

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