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HealthLinks: A magazine on a mission

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HealthLinks aims at health literacy

Medical Marketing Group, which publishes two distinct versions of HealthLinks magazine every other month, is on a mission to improve and enhance the health literacy of everyone in the Palmetto State and, eventually, in other states as well.

Cullen Murray-Kemp is publisher of HealthLinks magazine, a bimonthly publication that provides health care information and education in the Lowcountry. The magazine has also begun producing podcasts and a weekly newsletter.

Originally launched as a supplement to Mount Pleasant Magazine, HealthLinks became a completely separate publication in 2015 and grew from quarterly to bimonthly two years later. Today, HealthLinks Charleston serves the needs of its readers in the tri-county area of the Lowcountry, while its sister publication, HealthLinks Upstate, is distributed in 10 counties in the western part of the state.

According to Publisher Cullen Murray-Kemp, education is the reason HealthLinks has been so successful in such a short period of time.

“We exist to educate people in local communities about what’s going on in health care,” he commented. “We are a great health education resource that helps connect patients with doctors and doctors with patients.”

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HealthLinks has accomplished its mission despite the constraints that have hampered many other businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, getting the message out by offering free two-year subscriptions to the patients of their partners in the medical world, through a weekly newsletter and with podcasts that are quickly growing in popularity.

“COVID-19 forced entrepreneurs like myself to be a little bit fluid and mobile, and that was probably a good thing for us,” said Murray-Kemp. “These were things we wanted to do but didn’t because we were caught up in our everyday routine. We never had the focused energy that the pandemic provided for us.”

The podcasts delve into subjects such as telehealth in the COVID age, how to stay physically and mentally fit while you are quarantining, how doctors are obtaining personal protective equipment and profiles of iconic physicians such as Dr. Thaddeus John Bell. The brand recognition that HealthLinks has established over the past five years has been helpful as the publication has branched out beyond its website and Facebook in the digital world.

“We’re taking the brand name and moving it over to different platforms,” Murray-Kemp explained. “There is something to brand recognition. People know they can trust what’s in HealthLinks because all our articles are fact-checked by doctors. They know they are getting accurate information about their health.”

Murray-Kemp pointed out that HealthLinks will continue to seek new opportunities to broadcast the message of health literacy to residents of South Carolina and beyond.

“We love the Grand Strand, Columbia and Charlotte, and they are all on our radar. We want to have local health publications in markets throughout the Southeast,” he concluded.

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