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CK Contracting celebrates 18 years of Lowcountry building

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CK Contracting has been a premium builder and remodeler of Lowcountry homes since 2002.

Christopher Klick and his award-winning company are proud to be part of local community

What started as a child’s fascination with construction sites and a love of playing with Legos ultimately led Christopher Klick to a successful career as a custom residential contractor.

He and his family moved to Charleston in 2000 and he started working for Hardy Homes, where he quickly distinguished himself. By March of 2002, he took a leap of faith and launched his own company. Eighteen years later, in 2020, CK Contracting, LLC is still strong and growing. They do a variety of remodeling and building projects all over the Lowcountry.

Contact Info:
P.O. Box 867
Mount Pleasant, SC 29465

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Klick and CK Contracting also try to balance business with community service. They are involved in a number of organizations and efforts, including being a She Tri’s sponsor and tiny house sponsor. In addition, Klick is a volunteer coach for Cainhoy soccer as well as a member of St. Peter’s Church and an active member of his neighborhood Homeowners Association. He is also active in such organizations as the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Homebuilders, and the Charleston Homebuilders Association, for which he is serving as president this year.

CK Contracting has won a number of awards as well, including the 2016 PRISM Awards for Best Remodeling Project $200,000-$250,000 and Best Remodeling Project $100,000-$150,000; a 2018 PRISM award for best Remodeled Home $700,000-$800,000; and the 2018 Remodeler of the Year PRISM award.

Klick is proud of the fact that his is a local company. Based in Mount Pleasant, CK Contracting handles custom residential builds and remodeling jobs all over Charleston and the Tri-County area.

“We live in the same area we build in,” he said. “We consider building your Lowcountry home an honor and a privilege, as well as an opportunity to help preserve this city’s coastal Southern heritage and contribute to its future.”

That means building responsibly and sustainably, providing the highest quality service, and above all, approaching each job as an opportunity to help people achieve their dreams.

Klick notes that home ownership is the number one wealth creator in the United States. This is a point he and CK Contracting takes very much to heart. They are not just building a home; they are helping people from all walks of life access probably the most important platform from which they can build wealth and achieve upward mobility.

“We love to serve peoples/families building and remodeling needs and get excited in the collaborative effort it takes to provide more than just a roof over one’s head rather we approach it as creating an environment to prosper,” he said. “I can’t think of a better way to help people achieve prosperity than through homeownership.”

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