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Assisted Living Locators helps Lowcountry seniors find the right care

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Leslie Jackson operates the Charleston office of Assisted Living Locators.

Company provides information, placement services at no charge to clients and their families

Need help with making the right health care and life quality decisions for an elderly loved one?

Assisted Living Locators can help navigate the often complicated, stressful and intimidating world of senior care and assisted living.

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A national company with a network of professionals across the country, Assisted Living Locators is a valuable resource for families in need of senior care guidance. In fact, not only does Assisted Living Locators come to the table with comprehensive information about assisted living and long-term care communities and other such senior care service providers, they also provide information about financial services and options.

They do that, and more, all at no cost to the clients or their families.

“The unique thing about us is that we provide our services at no cost to the client or the client’s family,” said Leslie Jackson, owner/operator of Assisted Living Locators in Charleston. “We are actually compensated on the back end, by the community in which the client ultimately locates.”

That means she can help families explore a wide array of options and give educated and unbiased advice. She will help determine where a senior should be, based on many factors, from overall health and independence level to financial situation. She will tour facilities with clients and their families. She will ask questions they may not know to ask and connect the clients and their families with the right people and resources they need.

“Each family comes to the table with a different need and a different want; we know each set of circumstances is unique,” Jackson said. “You don’t know what you don’t know, and when it comes to this, it’s all about knowing who and how,” Jackson said. “So, our goal is to help the family get to that place where they can make a very educated decision, the very best decision, for their loved one.”

While Jackson is the owner/operator of Assisted Living Locators in the Charleston area, the company is made up of a national network of professionals. That means she not only has access to information and people from across the country, she can place someone anywhere in the country, if they wish to be somewhere other than the Lowcountry or the state of South Carolina.

But for Jackson, it is about getting people access to the care and resources they need in whatever time frame they have determined.

For more information, contact Leslie Jackson at 843-746-9404 or or go to

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