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Mappus Insurance Agency: Lowcountry’s leader in flood insurance

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The Mappus staff includes (seated left to right) Krisi Johnson and Gretchen Shoemaker, (standing left to right) Laura Thompson, David Watson (Partner), Andrew Muller (Partner), Griffin Morrow (Partner), Marcus Anthony and Michelle Howard. Not pictured are Savannah James, Carol Ciaburri and Donna Kinkaid.

Mappus Insurance Agency combines technology, key relationships, superior service to provide best flood insurance options for coastal homeowners

Strong, up-to-date product knowledge, cutting-edge technology, community involvement and most importantly, an amazing customer experience, are the keys to Mappus Insurance Agency’s success.

Mappus Insurance Agency has built a strong reputation over the years, serving homeowners and business owners in the Lowcountry — and all over the East Coast — since 1960. So, when President/Partner Andrew Muller bought the agency in 2015, he took on the formidable responsibility of maintaining and building upon the agency’s sterling legacy.

Contact Info:
1007 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., #111
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

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The agency works very hard to do just that, with a blend of high-tech tools and unmatched customer experience.

“We are super hands-on,” Muller said. “We utilize technology, but we do like to keep it old school — the technology allows us to spend more quality time with our clients.”

Underpinning that exemplary customer experience is a principle Muller calls “212.” What that means is that, at 211 degrees, water is simply hot. But, at 212 degrees, water boils. Boiling water creates steam; steam can move a train — and it is the one extra degree that makes all of this happen.

“It’s the one extra degree that separates the ‘I will’ from the ‘I can’t,’” he said. “Go above and beyond in everything in life and many great things can happen. Be 212!”

The agency’s primary focus is flood insurance. Where most agencies only represent one flood insurance company (FEMA), Mappus represents FEMA and more than 10 private flood insurance companies. What does this mean for Mappus clients? Options, better coverages and lower-cost insurance. “Everyone wins,” Muller said.

Their knowledge is unmatched. “We constantly find and correct mistakes made by other agencies,” Muller said. “Often times, other agents mistakenly make errors on policies, which can cost homeowners money. Maybe the homeowner didn’t know there were other options available. Whatever the case, there are hundreds of people that we save thousands of dollars a year because they had an error on their flood insurance policy or simply were not given the best option.”

Mappus Insurance Agency also handles many other coverage areas. In fact, a guiding philosophy of Mappus is that homeowners and flood insurance should be handled by the same agency, and they go the extra mile to find the best options for their clients’ needs.

“Insurance is like anything else people buy,” Muller said. “People want options, and unfortunately, many of our competitors cannot provide options,” Muller said. “Insurance is confusing and costly — we get it. So, our job is to help educate our clients so they can make smart decisions — and save money in the process.”

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