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REI Engineers: Experts in complex building enclosure systems

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The experienced staff of REI Engineers can ensure your next project is done on time and on budget.

REI Engineers’ knowledgeable, experienced staff ensures a stable, secure structure that keeps the elements outside

For a building to do what it’s supposed to do, many different systems must integrate to ensure a cohesive, livable and durable structure.

That integration is where REI Engineers’ special expertise in building enclosure systems can prove to be invaluable. The work of ensuring an effective boundary between the conditioned environment inside a building and the unconditioned air, water, heat, light and noise on the outside has become a high priority for builders.

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2090 Executive Hall Road, Suite 115
Charleston, SC 29407

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“We’re finding that people who provide building enclosure systems support are more in demand,” said Charleston branch manager Roger Parker. “Today’s designs of buildings are complex. A successful project requires collaboration with all disciplines involved, from architects to mechanical engineers and construction managers.”

REI, established in 1997 in Raleigh, N.C., and now with offices in seven cities throughout the Southeast, has an experienced, knowledgeable staff of 89 professionals with the necessary expertise in the complex world of building enclosure systems to ensure a successful project. All aspects of a building’s construction have an impact on how much of what’s outside interacts with the interior of the structure. REI has the knowledge to ensure everything from the foundation to the window caulk to the flashing on the roof work together to create an efficient, sustainable work or living space for many years.

Moisture intrusion is one of the costliest and most disruptive problems in the construction industry. It can result in the loss of millions of dollars in retrofitting or rebuilding costs, not to mention lawsuits that can arise years after original construction when tenants are forced to relocate or businesses must suspend operations due to mold or rot.

“We’ve found that firms appreciate what we can bring to a project,” Parker said. “We’re involved in quality control at all levels with experts and technicians on site to monitor installation of multiple systems within a project.”

REI enhanced their position in building enclosure systems with the acquisition last year of Construction Science & Engineering, a firm based in Westminster in the western corner of South Carolina. CSE specializes in providing investigation and remedial recommendations to insurance companies and law firms.

REI operates with the motto of “Engineering Solutions for Tomorrow ©.” That means giving clients the state-of-the-art support they require to get a project started and completed on time and on budget, as well as the added benefit of knowing that their building is code-compliant and adheres to strict, high-quality standards.

“We take pride in providing clients peace of mind with their projects,” Parker said. “We help them save money, not just in the construction phase, but in the future as well.”

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