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Trident Academy focused on helping children with learning disabilities thrive

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Students and staff at Trident Academy in Mount Pleasant.


t’s a big decision for parents to uproot their children. Whether they’ve accepted a job transfer or simply want a better quality of life, there’s quite a bit of research that goes into finding a new home. Top on that list are the educational opportunities for their children.

This is an even greater concern for parents whose children struggle with a learning disability, such as dyslexia (reading), dysgraphia (writing) or dyscalculia (math), as well auditory processing or communication disorders. 

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1455 Wakendaw Road
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

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Trident Academy in Mount Pleasant is focused specifically on those children and has created a learning environment where they can flourish. Trident’s program is designed for students from kindergarten through 12th grade who have average to above-average intelligence, but aren’t thriving in a traditional school environment, explained Betsy Fanning, Head of School.

“These are bright kids who should be flourishing in school, but they are not,” she said.

Trident Academy’s small class size, personalized attention and Orton Gilllingam multisensory approach help students successfully grasp academic concepts from reading to math and beyond.

Fanning calls Trident Academy the tri-county area’s best-kept secret.

“What’s the secret to teaching children with learning differences? We teach differently,” Fanning said. “That’s our secret. That’s why it works.”

Since 1972, Fanning said the school has quietly been impacting the area’s economic development by giving businesspeople and entrepreneurs an educational option they may not find elsewhere. At least 10 percent of the kids who relocate here with their parents could be served by Trident Academy, she noted.

Many families first find Trident Academy online as they are searching for a school geared toward their child’s learning needs. They pick up their families and businesses and plant them in the Lowcountry.  As a bonus, Trident is located in a place many people would like to live.

“We have 25 or 30 families who moved here in the last decade who have made a significant impact on the local economy,” Fanning said.

“What’s the secret to teaching children with learning differences? We teach differently. That’s our secret. That’s why it works.”
– Betsy Fanning, Head of School

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