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OccamLegal: Simplifying the immigration process

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David Vyborny, Principal and Managing Attorney at OccamLegal


usiness owners and managers who hire foreign employees and executives don’t have the time to sort through the often-complex legal immigration process. Neither do highly skilled professionals or foreigners who are investing in U.S. enterprises. That’s where full-time immigration attorney David Vyborny steps in. The entire approach of his law firm, OccamLegal, is to simplify the immigration process.

But Vyborny doesn’t just stop at the paperwork. He goes beyond the applications to assist immigrants and their families with everything they need to get settled in their new home. Getting a driver’s license, organizing a small business, opening a bank account or connecting with a real estate agent to find a place to live, service packages are helpful and cost effective for clients.

Contact Info:
171 Church St., Suite 340
Charleston, SC 29401

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Vyborny knows people can be intimidated by finding the right lawyer and worried about being overcharged. “I want people to feel they can get quality representation without having to fear all those things,” he says. “I want everything about the immigration experience to be simple for my clients.”

Vyborny took on OccamLegal in 2016 and saw the potential for a multinational immigration legal firm headquartered in South Carolina — where business is booming.

Vyborny points to the state’s leadership in creating a welcoming business climate that is attracting everything from small foreign-owned businesses to large multinational corporations to South Carolina. These companies create jobs for South Carolinians, and many bring in foreign skilled workers and executives, adding to the diversity and growing economy of the state.

With a background in business and a specialty in immigration law, Vyborny is well positioned to assist large and small companies, investors and entrepreneurs.

Vyborny is also putting his business skills to use growing his own legal practice. He plans to open offices in Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He expects to not only grow his business globally but attract more companies to South Carolina.

“When I’m talking to people abroad who want to grow their businesses and immigrate to the United States, I’m talking to them about South Carolina because this is the place to be.”

“I want everything about the immigration experience to be simple for my clients..
– David Vyborny, Principal and Managing Attorney at OccamLegal

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