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2016 Profiles in Business

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Those of you who have been Business Journal readers all of these years most likely know this story, but for you newer readers, the origin of Profiles in Business bears repeating. Not long after we launched the Business Journal in 1995, businesspeople began asking us to include stories about their companies in our publication. As journalists, we always had to reply, “We can’t do that until you do something we can report as news.”

At the same time, many of those same people were asking if they could hire our advertising copywriters to produce pieces they could use in brochures and marketing materials — but we were always too busy putting out the newspaper. Finally it dawned on us: Why not combine the two? And looking at the success of this year’s version of Profiles in Business, it seems the marriage has been a happy one.

I hope these profiles give you some insight into the working lives of the people who make up the Charleston-area business community, because each and every one has a unique story to tell. Please accept my enthusiastic invitation to read the 2016 Profiles in Business, and I hope you will enjoy reading about this sample of Charleston business life as much as I do.

— Grady Johnson

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