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Caviar & Bananas opens 1st location outside of S.C.

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The Caviar & Bananas in Nashville, Tenn., is the largest location the company has opened to date. (Photo/Provided)

Caviar & Bananas has opened its first location outside of the Palmetto State — and its largest store to date — in Nashville, Tenn.

“We were looking to expand outside of South Carolina, and we visited several different markets and did a lot of research, and just felt like Nashville didn’t have a concept like Caviar & Bananas and it was really ready for one,” said Margaret Furniss, co-owner of the specialty market and cafe.

Furniss and her husband, Kris, started Caviar & Bananas with a store on George Street in 2008. Since then, they’ve opened four more stores, including one in Greenville, one on Market Street and one in the Charleston airport.

“One thing that’s stayed consistent from the time that we started out until now is the passion part of it,” Margaret Furniss said. “Our passion for food and good quality ingredients, that part of it has never changed and is still what really drives us on a day-to-day basis to just continue what we’re doing.”

Kris Furniss said the Nashville location has a wine bar, like the location in Greenville but unlike any of the Charleston locations. The Nashville shop, which is located in the base of an apartment complex, also sells household staples such as milk, eggs and butter.

The Furnisses and their two children moved to Nashville for the summer to help with the opening of the new store.

“Kris and I have been at the store all day and most of the evenings most days and are working very hands-on alongside all the team members here and making sure that things are being done the way that we envisioned them and to stay on brand with the other stores,” Margaret Furniss said.

Kris Furniss said that although he and his wife are “very growth-minded people,” the duo isn’t committing to any more expansion because the couple doesn’t want Caviar & Bananas to grow too quickly and lose its quality and consistency.

“I mean, we’ve doubled twice now in the past year, so we want to make sure that the stores that we have are running the way that we want them to run and are maintaining the quality and consistency of our product,” he said. “Then, when we feel comfortable, we may look to grow again, but we’re certainly not committing to anything until we make sure our brand is consistent.”

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