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Real estate professionals to undergo background checks

Real Estate - Residential
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As of July, all real estate professionals in South Carolina must undergo a criminal background check for a new real estate license, the S.C. Department of Licensing, Labor and Regulation said.

All first-time applicants for licensure as a salesperson, broker, broker in charge or property manager in charge through the S.C. Real Estate Commission must have state and federal fingerprint criminal records checks from the State Law Enforcement Division and the FBI, the department said.

This is a change to the S.C. Code of Laws, and the cost of conducting the criminal records check must be paid by the applicant, the department said.

The department said the S.C. Real Estate Commission cannot use background checks that were obtained for other reasons, such as concealed carry weapons permits or security clearances.

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July 16, 2020

So why is the background check for a concealed carry permit not used?? Im sure the same agency does the check for both licensing agencies. Sounds like a money grab by the state.

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