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Flats at Mixson apartments to be repaired by end of 2018

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Ashley Heffernan
  • Ashley Heffernan
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A North Charleston committee has given the new owners of the Flats at Mixson apartment complex more time to complete repairs caused by water damage. (Photo/File)

A North Charleston committee voted unanimously Wednesday night to give the new owner of the leaky Flats at Mixson apartment complex in Park Circle more time to make repairs.

Mixson Charleston Apartments LLC, a subsidiary of Charlotte-based Grubb Properties, purchased the 268-unit complex for $5.3 million from The Flats at Mixson L.P., a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Jamestown L.P., in October.

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In June, prior to the sale, North Charleston’s Public Safety and Housing Committee decided the complex was “unfit for human habitation” because of water damage and required all residents to move out. The committee ordered then-owner Jamestown to repair or demolish the buildings within 180 days. When Grubb Properties purchased the buildings, the city extended the deadline to June 9.

Grubb Properties now plans to make those repairs by the end of 2018, according to court documents (.pdf) filed by the new owner.

“MCA conducted its own due diligence investigation of the condition of the Mixson property prior to the purchase and determined that the buildings can be repaired based upon input from architects and engineers familiar with the project,” court documents say.

Each of the complex’s 10 buildings is to be repaired and reopened. Building 500 is expected to be finished first, reopening on March 31. Four more buildings would follow in 2017, and the remaining five are expected to be complete by Dec. 31, 2018, court documents say.

Grubb Properties has hired Applied Building Sciences to prepare plans for the repair work, and Samet Corp., the same company that originally built the structures, will do the work, court documents say.

“If the repairs are not completed or something comes up, the city still has the ability to come back and bring an action again based on whatever conditions might exist in the future,” said Derk Van Raalte, deputy city attorney for North Charleston. “As for today, we’re confident that the concerns that motivated the board back in 2016 have been solved.”

The property remains vacant, and Grubb Properties has fenced off the site and hired 24-hour security. The new owner also agreed to “maintain the outward appearance of the Mixson property during the repair period by maintaining the landscaping to the extent it can on an active construction site,” court documents say.

“Grubb Properties looks forward to working closely with the city as we repair and restore the Mixson property,” Emily Ethridge, a spokeswoman for Grubb Properties, said in an emailed statement. “The repairs will provide the Mixson buildings with an improved design that will help protect the buildings from the weather. Experts, including the architect, outside engineers and city officials, will ensure that all the work done meets the highest standard. This is a great opportunity for North Charleston, and Grubb Properties is fully committed to doing it right.” 

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