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Charleston RDA fulfills pledge of $11M to IAAM

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The International African American Museum has been a recipient of much generosity this year, from donors such as Sony, Mackenzie Scott and now the Charleston Naval Complex Redevelopment Authority.

The Charleston RDA is completing its pledge to the IAAM with a transfer of $11 million, per the Charleston RDA’s 2018 agreement to support the museum.

“We are excited to receive this support from the Charleston Naval Complex Redevelopment Authority,” said Tonya Matthews, president and CEO of the IAAM, in a statement. “We appreciate this early contribution to our mission from the State of South Carolina and our General Assembly. These acts have been critical as IAAM joins fellow cultural institutions that strengthen the education, cultural and economic resources of our community.”

The Charleston RDA was founded in 1994 by the S.C. General Assembly to redevelop the Charleston Naval Complex and help revitalize the tri-county area after the impending closure of the former naval base in North Charleston was announced. 

At the time, more than 6,000 civilians and 8,000 military personnel worked at the site. Today, following Charleston RDA’s redevelopment work, more than 4,000 are back employed at the former navy complex and a large portion of the infrastructure has been renovated.

“Along with creating jobs and economic development, our Authority’s enabling legislation includes museum-focused efforts,” said retired Navy Rear Adm. William L. Schachte Jr., Chair of the Charleston RDA. “The IAAM will certainly impact our tri-county region, and communities well beyond South Carolina, in a positive way.”

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