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What it takes to win at business

Jenny Peterson
  • Jenny Peterson
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Hundreds attended last week's event to meet and greet the Roaring Twenties. (Photo/Kim McManus)

At SC Biz, we’re always curious about what makes businesses successful. So we asked the state’s fastest-growing companies about the secret to their success … and we’re going to publish it for everyone else to read.

The winter issue of SCBIZ magazine will profile South Carolina’s fastest-growing companies over the past year (fastest-growing in terms of revenue and growth) in a section we call the Roaring 20s.

We sent each company a questionnaire asking about their success, advice they’d give to others starting out in their field and what sets them apart from the competition.

Whether discussing their beer policy or the potential consequences of self-driving vehicles, this year's finalists gave some memorable answers:

What key piece of advice would you give to someone starting out in your field? 

"Getting started in any new business endeavor requires capital. Also, you need ... (something commonly referred to in regards to having fortitude, ahem)."

— U.S. Waffle Co., purveyor of frozen waffles and pancakes

"Banks prefer to loan money to those who don’t need it. Get access to growth capital well in advance."

— Fathom 4 LLC engineering services firm for the Department of Defense

"When you start a company in the tech space, just know that it’s going to be crazy and you have to accept it."

— Green Cloud Technologies, IT Infastructure Solutions  

"Work through a full season. It will change the way you see the industry, and you will know if you are suited for this work."

— EventHaus, event rentals

"Don’t (start one). In a hyper-sensitive, over-regulated environment I am not convinced I would start this business today."

— Sandlapper Securities LLC, broker dealer


What sets your company apart from the competition?

"Our industry will be experiencing serious future growth because of the breakfast category’s universal acceptance."

U.S. Waffle Co., purveyor of frozen waffles and pancakes.

"A guiding philosophy of the company is, 'We never lost money on a deal we missed.'”

— Sandlapper Capital Investments LLC

"We always have beer in the fridge — in fact, it’s written into our LLC Operating Agreement."

— Fathom 4, LLC engineering services firm for the Department of Defense


What changes do you see ahead in your industry and how are you planning for them?

"The most talked about issue would be autonomous driving vehicles. It will change the field of personal injury. "

— Shelly Leeke Law Firm

"We’d prefer to answer this question after the Presidential election!"

— Fathom 4 LLC engineering services firm for the Department of Defense

To see the full list of finalists and their responses to these questions and more, check out the winter issue of SCBIZ magazine. Click here for subscription information.

Contact Jenny Peterson at 843-849-3145.

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