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South On Ya’ just in time for kickoff

Hospitality and Tourism
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We’re always looking for a reason to talk about college football, especially after the year we’re having. We need a distraction from things like vaccination rates, major storms and who is or isn't on quarantine.

Charleston-based FishBait Solutions worked with the Southeastern Conference and country music star Luke Combs to help you feel that College GameDay vibe while waiting for the kickoff.

The SEC’s new anthem “South On Ya” is already on track for a few billion views on YouTube — we’re absolutely not exaggerating here.

The business angle is FishBait, which is a locally headquartered company with locations in five states. Rob Temple, CEO of FishBait and a former ESPN executive, brought the song to the SEC Network and ESPN after talking to Sony Music and Combs, a North Carolina country artist.

Temple said everybody fell in love with the song when they first heard it. 

“This just felt right. We worked with our partners at Sony Music, and they identified Luke and his team who had a great song,” Temple said. “We took it to all the right people.”

Nicole Marinake, Sony Music Nashville senior director, said it wouldn’t have happened without the team from FishBait Solutions.

“There’s nothing quite like the intersection of sports and music, and Luke Combs and the SEC are definitely a winning combination,” she said. “We’re thrilled to be working alongside our partners at ESPN and FishBait to bring this anthem to life.”

So when you hear this catchy tune tomorrow as the Gamecocks, Elephants and Bulldogs take the field on the SEC Network, you’ll know it’s time to grab your chips and beverage of choice and forget about the heat and watch some football. Just don’t forget the business angle.

Reach Andy Owens at 843-849-3142.

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