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Charleston health care consultant partners with imaging firm

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A Charleston consulting firm has partnered with an enterprise imaging company to help hospitals consolidate and organize images collected as part of a patient’s medical history.

Headquartered in downtown Charleston, Knowledge Capital Group is a boutique health care consulting firm that provides consulting services to health care executives.

Knowledge Capital is partnering with Vidagos, which specializes in enterprise imaging.

Based in Cleveland, Vidagos’ role will be to educate organizations on what enterprise imaging is. In particular, founder and CEO Cheryl Petersilge will advise clients on how to complete electronic health records, help them develop a strategy and find vendors to create an infrastructure to support it.

“Images are generated everywhere, especially because smartphones are now used by clinicians,” Petersilge said. “Those photos are part of your medical history and my goal is to help make sure they’re cataloged and accessible to all providers taking care of a patient, regardless of whether they’re in same institution or department, or even the same state if it’s done right. We’re really trying to bring all the info about a patient together in one place.”

Petersilge and Anthony Powell, managing director of Knowledge Capital Group, first met while working with the Medical University of South Carolina. The Vidagos founder was brought in to help with specific strategies beyond Knowledge Capital’s reach, and she said the opportunity to partner together has been a valuable experience for her early stage firm.

“We have a great working relationship and enjoy sharing each other’s knowledge,” Powell said.

Petersilge knows that her field of expertise is a niche area in which few people have experience.

“Anthony recognized that we could bring such a needed service as they help organizations with their overall transformation,” she said. “This is an area they wouldn’t have the skill set to bring to a client, so with us, they can bring more to their clients in a more comprehensive solution.”

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