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Renovation of historic home to create new College of Charleston space

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A financial gift from an alumnus will allow the tranformation of a historic home on the College of Charleston campus into the new offices of the student career center. (Rendering/Provided)

A financial gift from a College of Charleston alumnus and his wife is funding the renovation of a historic home in the heart of campus into a new career center for students.

The Edward J. Tuccio ’91 Student Success Center, named after Edward Tuccio (1991), will transform the home at 58 George St. into a place where students explore future opportunities, according to a College of Charleston news release.

The gift from Tuccio and his wife, Kimberly, (the amount of which was not disclosed), came about after discussions between college president Andrew T. Hsu and Tuccio about Hsu’s vision for the space and how it will symbolize the college’s dedication to student success, according to the release.

“The Edward J. Tuccio ’91 Student Success Center is going to be a catalyst for change on our campus, providing critical support to our students and alumni for career development,” Hsu said in the release.

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The Student Success Center will be a hub for personal and professional development, including financial wellness initiatives like access to an interactive platform, iGrad, which provides personalized tools and financial planning support for students; financial wellness workshops; and an employee dedicated to helping students understand and develop financial planning skills, the release stated.

The career center office is currently located in the Lightsey Center.

A gift from Edward J. Tuccio and his wife, Kimberly, will fund the renovation of a historic home on the College of Charleston campus for use as the new offices of the student career center. (Photo/Provided) “This is something I always thought was necessary and valuable to the future success of the college,” said Tuccio, a longtime residential real estate developer in Ridgefield, Conn., “and it is an honor to be a part of it.”

Tuccio is especially interested in the usability of the building for students, according to the release.

“We want to make sure that every inch of the place is usable, has the right purpose and an easy flow,” he said. “We want every student who walks in that door to walk out with a smile.”

Built by planter Bernard Elliott in 1803, the three-story structure served as apartments in 1952 before the college acquired and restored it in 1971, after which it served as the John Rivers Communication Museum, the release stated.

Jim Allison, executive director of the Career Center, said the new central location will contribute significantly to the student experience, while bolstering the academic distinction of the college as well as employer support of experiential learning and full-time job, the release stated.

“The Edward J. Tuccio ‘91 Student Success Center will help organize our resources in the common pursuit of improving student retention, persistence and completion,” Allison said in the release. “The evolving demographics of college students, educational funding, an ever-changing workforce, financial barriers, new technologies and access to data extending throughout a student’s undergraduate experience are all factors shaping the institutional mission to ensure students not only complete their degrees but also live fulfilled lives beyond graduation.”

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