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Chick-fil-a manager rescues a Mount Pleasant vaccine site

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A Mount Pleasant Chick-fil-A manager lent a hand at a coronavirus vaccination site following a computer glitch. “When you need help, call the pros,” Mount Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie said on Twitter. The mayor posted a video of Jerry Walkowiak, who he said donated “his professional drive thru experience to help our vaccination program in Mt Pleasant today.”

Walkowiak was asked to help after a computer issue caused problems for individuals trying to schedule their shots. In the video, he can be seen in the rain, holding an umbrella and wearing a mask as he efficiently helped drivers navigate the next steps.

The story has since reached Los Angeles, Seattle, Cleveland, Houston, Dallas and other cities, the mayor added on Twitter this morning.

Commenters cheered along, agreeing Chick-fil-A is the ultimate expert in drive-through management.

Charleston County Treasurer Mary Tinkler tweeted that Haynie’s quick call was a “brilliant move” while others suggested the fast-food restaurant handle all vaccine processes moving forward.

More than 1,000 people were scheduled to receive the vaccine at the drive-through center yesterday.

Rep. Nancy Mace also visited the site and later commented on Twitter that Haynie “makes it happen!!! Anyone who’s been to @Chickfila knows they’re the drive-thru experts. Jerry Walkowiak may have actually saved South Carolinians’ lives by getting the #COVID-19 vaccine to them as fast as possible.” 

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