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How much does a new crane name go for these days?

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Emily Baxley named Bluesaurus Rex. (Photo/S.C. Ports Authority)

THe kids got to meet S.C. Ports Authority President and CEO Jim Newsome. (Photo/S.C. Ports Authority)

J.P. Bley came up with Incraneable Hulk. (Photo/S.C. Ports Authority)


If you were 10 or so, how much would a crane at the new Inland Port Dillon be worth to you?

For Emily Baxley and J.P. Bley, Latta Elementary School fourth-graders, that number was a cool $500, which they each won for their school for coming up with the winning names for the new port’s new rubber-tired gantry cranes.

We have to hand it to them. We didn’t see the other entries, but Emily’s and J.P. came strong. Bluesaurus Rex (Emily’s idea) and Incraneable Hulk (J.P.’s contribution) are now emblazoned on the cranes, and on the plaques the kids received and will no doubt display in a place of honor.

Ok, so maybe they would’ve thought it was cooler had they gotten to pocket the cash themselves, but they did get to meet and have their picture taken with S.C. Ports Authority President and CEO Jim Newsome, and Gov. Henry McMaster, and some other important port folks, so they’re still ahead of the game, if you ask us.

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May 02, 2018

Haha I love the name Incraneable Hulk!