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JBC opens dining facility after $2.4 million renovation

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Food service workers serve patrons of Joint Base Charleston's newly renovated Gaylor Dining Facility. (Photo/Joint Base Charleston)Joint Base Charleston has opened the air base’s dining facility after a multimillion renovation and repair project, the public affairs office in North Charleston said.

The Gaylor Dining Facility opened last week after $2.4 million in repairs and renovations at the region’s largest employer. Joint Base Charleston said the dining facility has been closed since March 2017.

The Gaylor Dining Facility opened last week after $2.4 million in repairs and renovations. (Photo/Joint Base Charleston)

The renovations are part of Food 2.0, an Air Force dining and food service initiative. Repairs and updates have been made to the facility’s HVAC system, kitchen equipment, dining room and the menu. Joint Base Charleston said that all base patrons are now able to eat at the dining facility.

Sodexo, a French based company, provides food service management under a contract with Joint Base Charleston. The company held food preparation training with crew members from the 628th Force Support Squadron in late January.

Joint Base Charleston said the base also is working with the Palmetto Goodwill Services, a sub-contractor of Sodexo, to employ more than 20 local workers to help run the facility.

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