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We're hoping it's not bad luck to write about this

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Today seems like a good day for us all to have stayed home. The weather is nasty, it’s cold (finally?) and it’s Friday the 13th. Well, maybe we could leave home to get a tattoo, but then we should go back home and curl up with a book and a cat and a blanket.

We’re not superstitious (OK, that’s a lie) but bad things seem to happen on this day, historically. And no, we can’t actually confirm the percentage ratio of bad things on Friday the 13ths versus bad things on other days, but that’s not the point of superstition. And, because capitalism is capitalism, businesses have found ways to capitalize on our superstition.

There’s a lot going on globally right now that is cause for uncertainty, particularly economically. The U.S.-China trade deal, U.K. elections and articles of impeachment all have markets on edge.

Cosmically, there’s a full harvest moon tonight, we were just barely missed by an asteroid earlier today, and there’s a new cyclone on Jupiter — OK, that was discovered last month, but news takes awhile to come back from Jupiter — so we are further bolstered in our opinion.

We aren’t aware of any impending doom or bad luck coming down the pike locally today, but isn’t it better to just play it safe? You could combine the holiday season with the spookiness of the day and attend a Nightmare Before Christmas party at El Jefe, but here’s what we’re gonna do: Get out our VCR, pop in the best of Jason, and wait it out until tomorrow. We recommend you do the same.

What do you mean you don’t have a VCR?

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