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All the things that you never knew you always wanted to know about Halloween

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Whether you give out the full-size bars or keep your lights off and blinds closed, we are sure you are keenly interested in all things remotely related (and boy, are some of these data points remotely related) to Halloween.

The Census Bureau’s data tells us that there are 1.3 million people who work as construction laborers, which is a job you can dress up as for Halloween. We're not sure what they're getting at with that data point, but we think it tells you what you don't want to dress up as.

We figure if your costume is something over a million people are just on a daily basis, people will probably think you just got off work and didn’t dress up at all. And no one needs that kind of embarrassing confusion on the most auspicious of all dressing-up holidays.

Pro tip: Your best bet, according to their chart, is to dress up as a private investigator or locomotive engineer. Give CSX a ring and see if you can borrow one of their cool seersucker hats.

Here are a couple of sets of other random information:

Spooky Places

Tombstone, Ariz.

population 1,300 (But how many tombstones?) (2018 Population Estimates)

Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.

population 10,057 (2018 Population Estimates)

Kill Devil Hills, N.C.

population 7,202 (2018 Population Estimates)

Yellville, Ark.

population 1,170 (2018 Population Estimates)

Transylvania County, N.C.

population 34,215 (2018 Population Estimates)

Slaughter Beach, Del.

population 232 (2018 Population Estimates)

Casper, Wyo.

population 57,461 (2018 Population Estimates)

Scarville, Iowa

population 70 (2018 Population Estimates)

Trick or Treat

41.1 million

Potential trick-or-treaters in 2018 — children ages 5 to 14. (Who made them the arbiter of what age you must stop trick-or-treating?)
(2018 Population Estimates, Table PEPASR6H)

122.4 million

Potential stops for trick-or-treaters to occupied housing units for the second quarter of 2019.
(Housing Vacancies and Homeownership, Table 8)

59.1 million

Housing units where trick-or-treaters had to climb steps in order to fill their bags full of candy in 2017.
(2017 American Housing Survey)


U.S. households who think their neighborhood has a lot of petty crime. (We're not entirely sure what this has to do with Halloween, unless maybe the "tricks" part of the equation?)
(2017 American Housing Survey)

Hauntingly Delicious Economic Statistics


U.S. manufacturing establishments that produced chocolate and cocoa products in 2016.
(2016 County Business Patterns, NAICS 311351, 311352)


U.S. confectionary and nut stores that sold candy and other confectionary products in 2016.
(2016 County Business Patterns, NAICS 445292)


Formalwear and costume rental establishments in the United States in 2016.
(2016 County Business Patterns, NAICS 532220)

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