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Want to know what inspires the chief of police in North Charleston? What about the preferred reading for the SBA’s entrepreneur of the year? Or maybe where a local nonprofit organizer looks for inspiration?

We had all these questions, and a lot more, so we asked a dozen local business executives and community leaders to serve on a series of panels during a one-hour event held Thursday at the Charleston Marriott.

To prepare for the event, we asked these leaders for their suggestions for personal and professional inspiration, be it a book, a film or something else that inspires. Today, we wanted to offer up the suggestions they shared, and please comment below if you have a must-read or must-see of your own.

Chief Reggie Burgess
North Charleston Police Department

Jim Newsome
President and CEO of the S.C. Ports Authority

Laura Cannon
Co-owner of
Orange Spot Coffee

The Rev. Bill Stanfield
CEO of

Amy Livingston
Business and tourism manager for Mount Pleasant

Blaine West
Recruitment Operations Manager for OneinaMil LLC

Mackie Krawcheck Moore*
Founder and executive director of Thrive SC

Marco Cavazonni
Founder of
Lowcountry Aviation

Jon Yarian
Principal of Outline

He also offered up these additional personal suggestions:

  • Collateral (TV show on Netflix)
  • Oh, Hello (theater production on Netflix)
  • Blade Runner 2049 (film), directed by Denis Villeneuve
  • Manhattan (“with rye, not bourbon, fight me”)

*She was not able to join us Thursday, but she offered up her inspirations.

Reach Andy Owens at 843-849-3142.

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June 25, 2018

Smart people? I debate some of your selection.