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4th place just means we have 3 places to go, right?

Business Services
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Being in the top five of something generally means you’re among the best and brightest in your field (college football playoffs and the World Series notwithstanding). So South Carolina’s No. 4 ranking as one of the best states in the United States to do business means we’re sitting pretty sweetly.

Even more striking, all of the best states are in the South (we’ll just go ahead and include Texas, though one could debate the geography). What about other places? Aren’t they great too? You be the judge, but the survey measuring the best business climate came from U.S. corporate executives and was conducted by the International Economic Development Council in Toronto.

This is how executives perceive South Carolina as a place to do business. When you’re looking for a place to drop a lot of capital and grow yourself into prosperity, it’s nice find a state that’s on the well-liked list.

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