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152 years ago at Charleston City Hall

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We're starting off 2017 with a 152-year-old look at one corner of the Four Corners of Law.

The Library of Congress has collected many old photos, and Charleston, being a very old city, is well-represented. And even though photographic arts were in their infancy then, the images are crisp and clear. Many of the photographs, negatives and plates survived to be preserved and digitized, including Civil War-era photographs like the one below.

The slider shows two photographs. Both were shot at the corner of Broad and Meeting streets looking toward Charleston City Hall, but they were taken more than a century and a half apart.

The Library of Congress said the photo taken in April 1865 by George N. Barnard, who died in 1902, includes members of the Federal Navy (... which is just, you know, the Navy, but during that time period those distinctions were kind of necessary) standing outside and on the steps of Charleston City Hall. We took the other photo this week, at nearly the same spot, but mostly saw just traffic, lawyers and others who had business with the city.

If you have an interesting old (or new) photo you would like us to publish or check into, please contact Andy Owens at 843-849-3142 or by email.

Reach Andy Owens at 843-849-3142.

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