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Boeing resumes Dreamliner deliveries to Europe

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Just 19 days after resuming deliveries of its North Charleston-based 787s with a 787-9 to American Airlines, Boeing resumed deliveries to Europe with a 787-9 to Lufthansa in a celebration Monday at Paine Field in Everett, Wash.

Lufthansa Group has placed orders for 32 of Boeing's 787. (Photo/Boeing)The Lufthansa Group, Europe’s largest airline group, has 32 firm orders for the 787, according to a news release from Boeing. The company says the 787 Dreamliner’s fuel efficiency is driving its demand.

Using 25% less fuel and creating 25% fewer emissions than the airplanes they replace, the 787 family has avoided more than 125 billion pounds of carbon emissions since entering service in 2011, the news release said.

“With the Boeing 787, we are introducing another modern aircraft type that is one of the most fuel-efficient long-haul aircraft in our fleet,” Jens Ritter, CEO Lufthansa Airlines, said in the release. “This will allow us to significantly further improve the average CO2 balance. This aircraft is sustainable and offers customers a premium flying experience.”

Since revenue service began in 2011, the 787 family has launched more than 325 new nonstop routes around the world, including approximately 50 routes opened since 2020. The 787-9 can fly 296 passengers up to 7,565 nautical miles in a typical two-class configuration, the release said.

Acting FAA Administrator Billy Nolen met with FAA safety inspectors in South Carolina on Aug. 4 to hear whether the inspectors were satisfied with the actions Boeing has taken since deliveries ground to a halt in 2021 as the company and agency addressed safety concerns over tiny gaps, about the width of a human hair, found between sections of the fuselage. The FAA greenlighted deliveries four days later and the first plane was delivered Aug. 10.

“Today's delivery to the Lufthansa Group is a significant milestone for both companies as we resume European 787 deliveries and Lufthansa receives its first 787,” Boeing CEO Stand Deal said in the release. “I am delighted to see Lufthansa join a growing set of airlines worldwide operating the industry’s most capable twin-engine airplane. With unmatched fuel efficiency and huge passenger appeal, the 787 will play an integral role in the Lufthansa Group's long-haul network."

In addition to 32 787 Dreamliners on order, the Lufthansa Group has firm orders for 20 777-9 passenger airplanes and recently placed a firm order for seven of the new 777-8 Freighter.

Boeing develops, manufactures and services commercial airplanes, defense products and space systems for customers in more than 150 countries.

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