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Michael Bedenbaugh Joins SVN Blackstream® Charleston

CRBJ Biz Wire //October 25, 2023//

Michael Bedenbaugh Joins SVN Blackstream® Charleston

CRBJ Biz Wire //October 25, 2023//

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CHARLESTON, SC— SVN Blackstream® is elated to introduce Mike Bedenbaugh as the newest Associate Advisor at its Charleston office. Recognized for his distinguished footprint in historic preservation, Mike brings a depth of expertise that promises to be a game-changer in Charleston and the Lowcountry’s commercial properties sector.

Born in Prosperity, SC, Mike’s life narrative is emblematic of an individual intrinsically bound to history and heritage. This bond, rooted in cherished memories of his Great Grandfather’s home, was broadened by his services on the USS South Carolina for the US Navy and scholarly pursuits at both USC and Columbia University, New York.

In his professional journey, Mike demonstrated astute leadership in New York as the CEO of the product marketing firm, Post No Bills Inc. The company, under his aegis, collaborated with renowned names like DreamWorks, Universal Pictures, and MGM, and also pioneered branch inaugurations in pivotal global cities. His immersion in local community service and planning in South Carolina further highlights his commitment to blending community values with commercial growth.

As President at Preservation SC, starting in 2007, Mike’s legacy is enshrined in numerous initiatives that fervently championed the preservation of South Carolina’s historic jewels. His momentous contribution to saving and relocating the historic Wilkin’s House in 2015, and his paramount legacy project—the stabilization and restoration of Trinity of Abbeville’s historic spire—stand testimony to his dedication. This dedication led him to be honored with the coveted Order of the Palmetto by Gov. Henry McMaster.

Today, Mike’s ventures, Bedenbaugh Rental Properties LLC and Map Media LLC, showcase his entrepreneurial brilliance and deep connection to history. Through Map Media LLC, he presents “Perspective with Michael Bedenbaugh,” a video podcast offering glimpses into his vast reservoir of knowledge and values.

With his new role at SVN Blackstream® Charleston, Mike’s unparalleled expertise in historic preservation is set to revolutionize the commercial properties sector in Charleston and the Lowcountry. Mike is not just an advisor; he’s a bridge between the past and the present, ensuring that every commercial venture resonates with the rich history of the Carolinas.

Gil Bradham, Managing Director of SVN Blackstream – Charleston said, ‘In welcoming Mike Bedenbaugh, we’re not just adding an advisor, we’re welcoming a living testament to the rich tapestry of our state’s history. His profound connection to our heritage, combined with his exemplary professional journey, makes Mike an invaluable asset to SVN Blackstream®. We’re thrilled to embark on this new chapter with him at the helm, bridging the past and present in every commercial venture.”

Welcoming Mike Bedenbaugh to its Charleston office, SVN Blackstream® reaffirms its mission to provide unmatched commercial real estate services in the region. With Mike’s unique perspective, clients can anticipate more than just commercial dealings; they can expect a harmonious blend of history, value, and future growth.
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