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Local Leader and Entrepreneur Megan Rasmussen Spearheads Change in Charleston

CRBJ Biz Wire //July 14, 2023//

Local Leader and Entrepreneur Megan Rasmussen Spearheads Change in Charleston

CRBJ Biz Wire //July 14, 2023//

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In an era where 50% of businesses fail within the first 5 years and 75% within the first 10 years, the challenges entrepreneurs face are daunting. Many dreams and business plans never even reach fruition. Megan Rasmussen, an esteemed award winning entrepreneur, has embarked on a mission to revolutionize the entrepreneurial landscape in Charleston. With her unparalleled expertise and passion for making a difference, she is redefining what it means to be a local business leader.

“The pressures of holding everything together and navigating a business with clarity and confidence can be overwhelming,” states Rasmussen, reflecting on her own experiences as a business owner who founded her first company in Charleston eight years ago. Recognized as a natural influencer in the business growth arena, Rasmussen fearlessly addresses the challenges of operating a business, sharing her insights and experiences on social media and in the community. Now, she stands ready to leave her mark by reshaping the landscape of entrepreneurship in Charleston.

Recognizing the gaps and outdated thinking prevalent in the entrepreneurial world, Rasmussen swiftly took action to modernize and fill those voids. Her true passion lies in making a tangible impact on the lives of entrepreneurs and, by extension, the community as a whole. “When I observe businesses leaving potential revenue untapped or in need of effective communications, I step in and provide consulting services. However, the needs go far beyond that,” asserts Rasmussen.

In addition to her consulting work and the management of her permanent jewelry line, Clara G Jewelry, Rasmussen is actively involved in several ventures that bolster Charleston’s vibrant entrepreneurial community.

The B Collective, an initiative spearheaded by Rasmussen, serves as a sanctuary for entrepreneurs seeking clarity, increased revenue, expanded capabilities, and maintained sanity. Entrepreneurs of all levels are strategically paired with five other high-achieving leaders of similar caliber, forming a transformative “board.” Monthly board meetings provide invaluable opportunities for growth and collaboration. Rasmussen proudly states, “The B Collective has the power to revolutionize an entrepreneur’s life. Years of immersive research have gone into its creation. If you’re an entrepreneur, The B Collective is an essential investment. Period.” More information on The B Collective at

How Bazaar Events, a pioneering event company, unites local vendors without brick and mortar locations with established businesses that boast physical locations. Rasmussen explains, “This platform offers emerging entrepreneurs a place to start while delivering an unparalleled marketing and PR opportunity for the hosting businesses. Ultimately, it brings the community together.” She recognizes the exorbitant startup costs associated with owning a brick and mortar store in Charleston, which often hinders aspiring entrepreneurs before they even begin. Fall vendor registration and upcoming events at

Lastly, Rasmussen has developed Start Successful, a comprehensive 17-week program designed to guide green entrepreneurs in building successful businesses. “This program provides a step-by-step roadmap to transform a side hustle or an idea into a thriving business, all within a real-world context,” Rasmussen emphasizes. Pre-registration for Fall enrollment is now open and

Megan Rasmussen’s unwavering dedication and commitment to transforming the entrepreneurial landscape have already made an indelible impact. With her initiatives, Charleston’s entrepreneurs are equipped with the tools, support, and resources they need to overcome challenges, thrive, and reshape the future of business in the region.