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Knoxville spirits company acquires Charleston Coastal Pure Beverages

Ross Norton //May 24, 2023//

Knoxville spirits company acquires Charleston Coastal Pure Beverages

Ross Norton //May 24, 2023//

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Bottles move through a rinser at the North Charleston plant of Coastal Pure, on their way to be filled. (Photo/Provided)Silver Screen Bottling Co., a licensing, bottling and distribution company for entertainment properties, has acquired Coastal Pure Beverages of Charleston, formerly known as Green River Spirits Co. and Terressentia.

Silver Screen partners with entertainment brands and celebrities to create custom spirits.

The company said the acquisition further positions Silver Screen as a foremost partner in the custom spirits field.

“This acquisition further empowers the company to oversee every stage of creation and bottling, from developing innovative recipes to packaging the award-winning spirits in distinctive, eye-catching bottle designs,” Silver Screen Bottling Co. said in a news release.

Since its founding in 2019, Silver Screen has licensed, bottled and distributed award-winning whiskey for NFL Hall of Fame quarterback and broadcaster Terry Bradshaw (Bradshaw Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey) and country performer Alan Jackson (Silverbelly Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey) and has produced limited-release spirits and beers celebrating Star Trek (James T. Kirk Bourbon Whiskey, Ten-Forward Vodka), The Walking Dead (Augie’s Ale), Ray Donovan (The Fixer Blended Whiskey), Predator (Dutch Bourbon Whiskey), Fallout 76 (Nuka Dark Rum), and the NFL Panthers (Two State Vodka).

Bottles are filled on the line at North Charleston. The company and its facilities have become part of the Silver Screen Bottling Co. family. (Photo/Provided)“Since 2007, Coastal Pure has been synonymous with world-class spirits production and bottling,” Silver Screen said in the news release. “Their state-of-the-art production and innovation center in North Charleston serves as a one-stop solution for the development and growth of world-class spirits brands.”

Coastal Pure services include custom liquid creation across all categories of blended spirits, brand and packaging design assistance, guidance for permitting and state registration, material procurement, bottling, and support for logistics and warehousing, the release said. Coastal Pure offers a range of bottling lines, offering both high-speed and handcrafted options for customized production.

Silver Screen said its acquisition of the North Charleston facility will catalyze the growth of its product base, saying it will pave the way for more creativity and experimentation with spirits lines, propelling the company’s evolution from its 2019 origins as an ideas and licensing entity to a national, fully functional, multivertical spirits brand.

Coastal Pure has more than 40 years of experience in developing new spirits and flavored products for the global market, the release said, and has a patented finishing method that naturally enhances the flavor profile of all beverages. The company operates five bottling lines, including a high-speed line capable of accommodating bottle sizes from a half liter to 1.75 liters. Coastal Pure has an annual bottling capacity of 950,000 cases in its 72,000-square-foot North Charleston facility.

Silver Screen Bottling Co. was started in Texas and now operates our of Knoxville, Tenn.