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High Rise Beverage Company halts distribution in South Carolina

CRBJ Biz Wire //February 9, 2024//

High Rise Beverage Company halts distribution in South Carolina

CRBJ Biz Wire //February 9, 2024//

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The cannabis seltzer is taking the high road in light of the latest DHEC Statement

CHARLESTON, S.C. – High Rise, a leading name in the hemp beverage industry, announces a temporary pause in its distribution operations within the state of South Carolina, effective from Monday, February 5th.

This decision stems from the recent confusion surrounding labeling requirements imposed by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) and High Rise’s unwavering commitment to consumer safety and product transparency.

As a brand intimately intertwined with the South Carolina community, High Rise cherishes its connection with local residents and has consistently prioritized well-being and transparency with its consumers. High Rise is diligently working to address the intricacies of DHEC’s new requirements. The company’s commitment to regulatory compliance and consumer safety is unwavering.

In the midst of this challenge, High Rise is thrilled to unveil the “Blackout Edition,” a new line of beverages without hemp or THC in them that embody the brand’s innovative spirit. This collection will present four beloved flavors, each infused with adaptogens, continuing High Rise’s mission of promoting health and wellness. Furthermore, High Rise pledges to donate $0.10 from every can sold from the “Blackout Edition” towards advocacy for hemp laws and educational initiatives in the field.

The “Blackout Edition” not only embodies High Rise’s commitment to innovation and community involvement but also signifies the brand’s determination to make a positive impact on the hemp industry.

This THC-Free lineup is set to launch in early March. “South Carolina is more than just our marketplace; it is our home, our community. Halting distribution was a challenging decision, but it reinforces our commitment to act responsibly for our community. The ‘Blackout Edition’ stands as a symbol of our dedication to innovation, community support, and the evolution of the hemp industry,” added Matt Skinner.

The company eagerly anticipates resuming distribution once there is a complete accord with the new regulatory requisites.

Stay tuned for updates on the release of the new “Blackout Edition” THC-Free product line and High Rise’s continued journey in South Carolina. For more information follow along on High Rise’s website or social media channels – @highrisebev