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Coldwell Banker, HomeAdvisor partner on home improvement program

Staff Report //December 16, 2019//

Coldwell Banker, HomeAdvisor partner on home improvement program

Staff Report //December 16, 2019//

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Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage and digital marketplace HomeAdvisor have partnered to launched a new home improvement resource for residential sellers.

RealVitalize provides sellers with home improvement resources prior to or during the home listing period. Through the program, homeowners will have the option to make nonstructural home improvements and repairs using a service professional from the HomeAdvisor network.

According to a news release, the brokerage will cover the upfront costs of the repairs, with the costs deducted from the seller’s proceeds at closing, or repaid by the seller when the listing expires.

Available projects include staging, appliance purchases and installation, handyman services, painting, and kitchen and bathroom upgrades. HomeAdvisor will help manage projects.

Laura Rittenberg, president of Coldwell Residential Brokerage in the Carolinas, said the partnership with HomeAdvisor gives real estate agents an advantage over similar programs because the agents are removed from managing the home improvement process, allowing them to focus on marketing and selling homes.

“Today’s home sellers and buyers are looking to real estate professionals to provide solutions for an easier home transaction process, which occurs through RealVitalize,” Rittenberg said. “It is a favorable program for all parties.”

HomeAdvisor is an operating business of ANGI Homeservices. Brandon Ridenour, CEO of ANGI Homeservices said homeowners frequently need help finding home services and service professionals when selling a home.

“Our goal is to make sure our brands, products and tools are there to help homeowners at all stages of the homeownership journey,” Ridenour said. “This program seamlessly integrates HomeAdvisor and our pros into that journey, expanding how we are reaching new customers and providing a unique and valuable experience for Coldwell Banker and its clients.”

The RealVitalize program was piloted earlier this year and is being expanded nationally.